Friday, 12 September 2008

PCLInuxOS Wikipedia entry

The person who created the Wikipedia entry for PCLinuxOS has left out an important piece of reality:

"PCLinuxOS was heavily criticized by many online for its "gaming" of the DistroWatch Page Hit Ranking system by the PCLinuxOS user community."

So I added it! This omission is just another indicator of the level of deception that the PCLinuxOS community will go to in order to advance their agenda.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

PCLinuxOS's militant leadership

PCLinuxOS's militant leadership

The bad side of a promising distribution

This, folks, is great stuff. I used PCLOS for sometime. I was a forum user, a contributer to the PCLOS Magazine and even submitted artwork for their new logo contest. Then I saw how a nasty minority of people there were controlling the whole show and I left. Texstar and Co. can keep their lame Mandriva-clone and sail into the future of doomed-distros and irrelevancy.

Go check out this post:


  1. maxmod Says:

    I think that pclinuxos has the worst font rendering i have ever seen in any linux disto ,how the hell you guys can use it is beyond me.

    The forums are so one sided its not funny , have a look at the latest gnome release , they use this to get browny points at distrowatch , but they dont support a gnome version on there forums , they tell you to go elsewhere (what a joke).

    I will bet that anyone that clicks on there pclinuxos emblem thats displayed on distrowatch (”gnome release”) will get A HIT FOR PCLINUXOS.

    How this distro got to number 1 is beyond me , all i can say is guys stop pretending, and use a real Distro.

    Owe by the way why does anyone that posts there get hit with the retirement fund story “donate money to texstar” and you will get the updates before anyone else does…..give me a break.

    Ubuntu Lover….

HAHAHAHA...couldn't agree more

Moderators / Admins on the PCLinuxOS forum = morons

Take a look at their forums...if you voice an opinion against them and/or PCLinuxOS you'll get banned and the thread deleted. It's what happened to me. And the PCLinuxOS community seems full of prude, victorian *snip* anyway...

Naw thx, I'll pass. Never again.

Linux Distro Chooser

If you indicate that you have an IQ of 40 and vote Republican, it recommends that PCLinuxOS is perfect for you:

You know your distro sucks when...

You have to have all your little fanboy armies click on the PCLinuxOS link at Distrowatch to game the system and make it look popular.

Another sign that PCLOS Forum Admins are asswipes

Just came across this gem:


since you (or one of your fanatical friends) censored my critical post on the PCLOS forums, I need to reply to you here:

- first of all, it's not under Java. Java applets don't open popups. It's JavaScript, which is a completely different thing.

Second, Konq supports yet another option, which is 'smart'. And that's the option you want.

Please stop hyping your OS and go home to mend your ignorance.

Welcome to PCLinuxOS Sucks

PCLinuxOS Sucks is a site dedicated to showing the world how lame and irrelevant this distro is and how they built-up and then destroyed a thriving community.